How to Clean Burnt Cast Iron Grill Pan?

Burnt cast iron grill pan and looking for how to clean burnt cast iron grill pan? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of your favorite cookware. You can clean it! The process is a little different from cleaning other pans, but you’ll be back to cooking like normal in no time with these tips.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the simplest and most basic methods for cleaning a cast-iron grill pan.

How to Clean Burnt Cast Iron Grill Pan?

There are a lot of methods accessible on the internet, but we’ll go through some of the simplest ones that are extremely successful and time-saving at the same time.

1- Cleaning with Salt

Fill the grill pan with salt and leave it for 15 minutes to absorb the burnt pieces. Then, take a piece of aluminum foil and put salt on top of it. Heat the pan using a stovetop or oven (this step is optional). Put this salted aluminum foil onto your grill pan until all the burned particles are removed from its surface.

Remove any remaining salt with paper towels, and your pan is ready to use again!

2- Use Wire Brush

Another great way to clean a burnt cast iron grill pan is by using a wire brush. Simply put the wire brush into the pan and scrub until all of the black pieces are gone. You might have to do this multiple times, but it’s worth it for that shiny surface.

3- Use Oven

If you’re looking for an easier way to clean a grill pan, then put it in the oven. Leave the burnt pieces inside your oven (make sure it’s turned off) overnight and let them burn until they turn into ash or harden. The next day, simply take out the top layer with paper towels and enjoy your clean grill pan.

4- Use water and Scraper

Fill half of your grill pan with water and bring it to a boil. Add some dishwashing liquid or baking soda. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes until you see the burnt pieces are soft enough to be removed easily using a plastic scraper. Rinse the pan with water, and your grill pan is ready to go.

5- Use Cast iron Cleaner Kit

Cast iron cleaner kit is a pre-made mixture that helps clean your grill pan easily. It comes with a brush and instructions, so it’s the easiest way to clean your cast iron grill pan. However, it can be a little pricey for some people.

Tips to take care of Cast Iron Grill Pan

  • Always clean your grill pan after using it. Don’t let food or oil sit on the surface for too long because this will cause residue to build up and make cleaning much harder in the future.
  • Avoid putting cold water into a hot cast iron grill pan. Doing so can damage its structure, which is why you should always wait until it cools down before cleaning it.
  • Store your grill pan in a dry place to prevent rusting. If you live in a humid environment, make sure to store it with a paper towel inside so that the excess moisture doesn’t affect its quality.


We hope you get to know how to clean a burnt cast iron grill pan by now. If you’re still having trouble, try using a combination of these methods or find one that works best for you. Cast iron cookware is definitely worth the extra effort when it comes to cleaning – they last forever and give amazing results.

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