How to Cook Pizza on Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Pizza is great, but it is not so easy to cook on the grill. However, with the pit boss pellet grill, you can cook pizza easily. Wondering about how to cook pizza on the pit boss pellet grill? If yes, keep reading to cook a delicious pizza on a pit boss pellet grill.

How to Cook Pizza on Pit Boss Pellet Grill

The pit boss pellet grill is a two-zone rotisserie style that may provide you with indirect heat. This indirect fire or heat is ideal for baking pizza since it ensures uniformity and a medium temperature. One of the fascinating aspects of this product is that it delivers uniform heat across the entire surface of the pizza.

So, you can start by simply setting the heat and then preheating the pit boss pellet grill. Then, it would help if you prepared your pizza dough and sauce. You can make a thin crust or a thick one, depending on your taste and preference. Now place this prepared pizza onto the oven’s surface at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15-20 minutes before serving it hot.

What is the Best Temperature to Cook a Frozen Pizza on a Pit Boss?

You can cook a frozen pizza on the pit boss pellet grill. However, you will need to adjust some settings for this purpose. Since it is a gas grill with three burners, we suggest keeping two off and adjusting one burner at medium heat while placing your frozen pizza onto its surface. Setting up the temperature in this manner will help you cook a perfect pizza. If you prefer, you can make the best of your pit boss pellet grill by cooking more than one frozen meat at once.

Is it possible to smoke a Frozen Pizza?

Yes, you can smoke a frozen pizza on the pit boss pellet grill. If your device is equipped with an optional cold smoking kit, then you have to use it for this purpose since cooking grills are not suitable for making smoked pizzas. You need to set up the cold smoker so that its surface faces directly towards the back of the pit boss pellet grill.

Now place a pan filled with ice on the surface of the cold smoker, and then add your frozen pizza into it. After that, you need to close down this cold smoking unit in order to smoke the food properly. Once done, remove from its backside for about 20 minutes before serving hot.

Final thoughts

The features of the pit boss pellet grill provide you with a great way to cook pizza. You can get delicious and crispy pizzas within minutes! This is not it; the best thing about this product is that it makes cooking fun and easy. So, if you are searching for how to cook pizza on pit boss pellet grin, just follow this guide and enjoy mouth-watering pizza anytime.

Cook Pizza on Pit Boss

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